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All of my favourites are there because ive hand picked them for future reference or inspiration. Im always on the look out for 'characters' and pictures that incite emotion, or depict a persona that will help me on my journey!

How much would you pay for a fully painted, limited edition, 12" collectible original female character figurine sculpted by me? 

599 deviants said $50-$80
500 deviants said $80-$100
496 deviants said $100-$120
471 deviants said $150 or more.
309 deviants said $120-$150
My First day at Weta Workshop was today.

What an unbelievable wonderland of awesomeness. I cant believe I am now part of this amazing bunch of creative minds!

  • Listening to: Drum and Bass of course
  • Watching: Walk Dead Season 5
  • Eating: Scorched ALmonds
  • Drinking: Blackcurrent Juice and Sparkling Water


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Jon Troy Nickel
Artist | Professional | Other
New Zealand
I'm just some random dude that likes to make characters for games!

Some of the games/projects I'm working on or have worked on include:

League of Legends.
Tom Clancy's The Division.
Kingdom Death.


What programs do you use to make your characters?

Zbrush, 3DSMax 2012, Maya 2012, Photoshop CS5 Extended, 3dcoat, Xoliul Shader, Keyshot.

What do you do for a day job ?

I work @ Weta Workshop as a digital sculptor for collectibles!

How long have you been working in the games industry?

12 years now! Holy crap.

How many games have you worked on?

Gosh, more than 10 now I think - the most notable ones are Rift & Rift Storm Legion & Section 8. 2 failed AAA projects, Edge of Twilight and Stargate SG1, and then numerous handheld indy style games and small mmo's. I'm only including games I actually got paid to work on, if we count all the super indy stuff that I did with friends etc - man that number would be scary, probably like 25 - 30.

How long does it take you to make a character?

Depends on the character and the spec, but for something like Chun Li and working full time about 10-15 days give or take ?

Do you take commisions?

I'm always interested in projects and ideas - note me!

Are you going to be making tutorials?

Teaching is a very important thing, and as a student I would expect only the best master - so I dont think I'm ready. Too unrefined and organic in my processes etc, and I would hate to be guiding you down the wrong path.

Horde or Alliance?

For the Horde!!!!!

Why so many girls in your folio?

Girls are the best. ( See my recent journal for long answer )

Where are you from?

I was born in New Zealand - Land of the Hobbit, My mom is a native Maori from New Zealand and my Dad is from Canada! What a weird mix!

How did you get your start in the Games Industry?

I simply vanished off the face of the planet, stayed with my parents, worked crappy jobs and taught myself how to make game art at night, posted my work online consistantly - and continued to do this until I got good enough to get my first job :)



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junkymana Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hi there :)
I was randomly looking at stuff here in DA and ended up in your profile. I must say I like your work, keep it up dude :clap:
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persenachia Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Student General Artist
aaaaaaaaaaaand theres the miss fortune visual update
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Hello again!
Right now I'm trying myself in sculpting stylized fantasy characters so I'm studying artworks from many masters to better understand small nuances. After carefully watching your models I got some questions that I would like to ask. I hope you don't mind to answer.

1) Compare to canonical measurements where the eye corners are placed right at the mid-level of the head, your models rather have them placed much lower. Is it your personal artistic choice or was it made to make a face more childish (when the facial bones aren't grown yet and cranium dominates in size)?
2) Most of your girls fits in regular 7.5 or 8 heads height. However the navel and crotch are placed above the third and fourth head mark accordingly. Am I right that it was done to give some space for legs to make them more long and slender?
3) I also noticed that you often place the waist relatively low, close to the navel. Anatomically the waist is where thoracic part of the external oblique meets the flank portion. Is it a trade off to the second point (compressed body for longer legs) or is it also your personal preference (It just appears a bit odd when I try imagine the underlying anatomy in your girls)
4) And finally - when you sculpt characters from Zeronis, does he provide a reference for proportions that you follow or do you make it by eye? I mean, I really enjoy the way he draws broad, strong and exaggerated hips. In your 3D adaptation (like Remi) the hips appear not so broad in default T-pose, but when posed they again look very curvy. So is it due to the angle and unposed nature of initial sculpt or do you really add some volumes later after posing to match the concept?

Thank you very much and sorry if the text is cluttered since English isn't my native language.
(1 Reply)
tatehemlock Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Professional Photographer
Thank you so much for the faves!! Hope all is well! Long time no talk!
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darosigu Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015
Thank you very much for the fave!
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